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Align Chiropractic is your full-service Chiropractic Clinic offering a variety of modern care treatments and techniques while delivering personalized care and exceptional doctor-patient partnerships for people of all ages. 

Together Dr. Jones and Dr. Morris have 30 years of Chiropractic Experience and are committed to align your health

Why we don’t take insurance as a chiropractor (hint: it’s in your favor!)
This is a common question and rightfully so.

Summarized, we do not take insurance because we do not want insurance telling us what we can and cannot do for our practice members. Insurance-based medicine does not equate to evidence-based medicine. We strive to offer wellness and maintenance services believing whole heartedly that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In general, insurance companies are not focused on any preventative or wellness services in a chiropractic office setting. Now, if you have a policy, it will probably help with at least some of the expense of your sick care. But few policies pay for things that help us keep our health. Most insurance does not cover chiropractic care for children. We are not willing to exclude the segment of the population that chiropractic care can benefit and impact the most. It is, and always will be, easier and less expensive to grow healthy children than to repair damaged adults. The great news is that by not having to deal with insurance companies, office costs are kept down, so we can offer affordable chiropractic care for the whole family. Our prices are affordable and we are able to offer programs to our patients that would not be available if we were networked with insurance. If you have chiropractic coverage, we will gladly provide you with the necessary documentation to get reimbursed if you’re willing to file yourself. We accept HSA and FSA forms of payment in the office and always welcome open and honest conversations about finances.  

DOT Physicals
Certified Medical Examiners

Drs. Morris and Jones are certified on the national registry of medical examiners for the FMCSA. Both new certification and recertification appointments are available.

Ideal Protein
Independent Authorized Ideal Protein Clinic

We offer 11 years of expertise with this clinician-supervised weight loss program. Reset your possible with this one-of-a-kind life-changing program!

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